Assuring Board Efficacy

        Is your Board aligned and on the same page?
        Is there accurate, honest, and timely Feedback?
        How are your relationships with the Directors?
        Are you aware of their concerns and yearns?
        Can the Board enhance it’s effectiveness with greater ease?        

Board Assessments
Board Assessments have become a standard component of best practices for Governing
Boards - in public, private, and non-profit sectors. Progressive and conservative boards alike
have taken advantage of the tool having integrated them into their self-management process.
Assessments augment operation procedures, creating common language and incremental
avenues for feedback - providing unique opportunities to adjust alignment and focus on
vision, mission and execution.   The use of outside professional advisors to guide the process
has proven to add value to boards; supplementing the active schedules and constraints of a
Director by bringing a dedicated focus, while meeting the requirement for confidentiality and
blending with each board’s unique culture and challenges - resulting in:

            Uncovering obstacles and identifying potential blind spots
            Communicating the uncomfortable
            Highlighting areas of need
            Improving Trust and Board Dynamics

Board Alignment Program Offering

  - Board Assessments
    o  A Snapshot – a facilitated self-assessment, targeting a general overview to
    enhance communications while consolidating input to enhance clarity  
    o  General Self-Assessment – customized to focus on the most current priorities
    while expanding input to external Stakeholders, Advisors and Senior Management
    o  Board Assessment and Governance Operational Audit  - quantitative and
       -  CEO 360 Multi-Rater Feedback
   -  Director Peer Effectiveness Reviews
           o  Peer, Lead Director, and Chairman 360 qualitative assessments
           o  Committee Assessment (Nominating, Audit, Compensation, Governance,…)
 -  Consulting Services – follow-on projects and coaching programs to address priorities

Customized online input is followed by confidential one-on-one interviews and then delivered in
either individual or group sessions with special follow-up as required.  The mix of the benefits
derived from both quantitative and qualitative styles are invaluable in opening a dialog on
board performance, effectiveness and gaps for improvement. The intent is to balance
appreciative and critical style while taking into consideration the time constraints and cultural
objectives of the board. Certified professional executive coaches facilitate the input, feedback,
and follow-up phases.

iCollabora - is a Management Consulting and Executive Coaching firm dedicated to helping
senior management accomplish personal and enterprise goals in pursuit of vision while creating
a legacy of authenticity, fulfillment and accomplishment.  Mark Mickelson (Principal) brings a
unique mix of professional and operational experience and perspective to the assessment
process - a professional executive coach having also spent 20 plus years in sales, marketing,
and general management in the Information Technology space.

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